Our Mission

For us alkemy pronounced ( Alchemy ) represents transformation for the greater good of humanity or the betterment of yourself (hence turning lead into gold).  We started Alkemy Superfoods because there aren’t many people of color in the natural food space, we intend for our company to be a reflection of the greatness our people can achieve in any scenario, no matter the field; In our case we chose to help heal + educate people from the inside out using what nature provides.  When people think of slavery & segregation, their diet is usually the last thing envisioned; we as a people are a slave to processed meats & artificial sugars, junk foods & low income markets are disproportionately placed in Urban neighborhoods.  A lot of the time when you hear words such as  Vegan or Plant Based, a person of color is the last thing  you’d think of as well; We want to do our very best at changing these constructs & breaking these generational curses.  When we were stripped from our mother land, we in a sense lost a connection to mother nature itself. Health + Independence is true wealth & freedom, this is why we've started Alkemy Superfoods.  We intend to be much more than just a natural food company, we intend to be a positive lifestyle brand + education & research platform.